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Personal finance is a personal passion of mine. I am also an estate planning attorney. If you are located in Arizona or Oklahoma, I can help you with an estate plan to help you keep control over your finances. You can find more details at Masters Law Group. 

I enjoy speaking engagements and writing guest posts. Please also see current opportunities at the bottom of this page. 

I would love to work with you! Since May 2016, Deeply in Debt (formerly Red Two Green) has worked with or received several mentions, such as:

  1. CNBC’s “How One Couple is Trying to Pay off $600k in 5 Years
  2. ABC’s “How to Avoid Student Loan Debt
  3. Yahoo Finance’s “Paying off $600,000 in Five Years”
  4. CNBC’s “30% of Americans are Stressed About Money Constantly (but you don’t have to be)”
  5. American Bar Association’s “What You Need to Know About Student Loans”
  6. California Dental Association speaking engagement, “Loan Management”
  7. Earnest’s “The Psychology of Taking on Graduate School Debt”
  8. The Money Girl’s “The 8 Cheapest Ways to Pay off Your Student Loans”
  9. CNBC’s “4 Ways to Save Money in College
  10. Growella’s “Best Ranking Colleges to Avoid Student Loan Debt”
  11. Student Loan Hero’s “How This Couple is Paying Off a Staggering $600,000 in Student Loan Debt”
  12. CNBC’s “This Self Employed 20-something Paid Off $39k of Debt”
  13. The Penny Hoarder’s “Here’s Why You Should Think Twice About that Income-Based Repayment Plan”
  14. Living Well Spending Less’s “The #1 Way to Save Money”
  15. Student Loan Hero’s “6 Ways to Pay for College as a Law Student”
  16. The Student Loan Planner’s “What a Half Million Dollars in Potential Student Loan Savings Looks Like”
  17. Less Debt More Wine’s “Student Loan Conqueror Amber Masters”
  18. HGTV’s “Tulsa First Time Buyers Tussle Over Everything”
  19. Student Loan Hero’s “10 Tips on How To Pay Off Loans Quickly”
  20. Cheap Genius’s “How This Couple is Paying off $600k in 5 Years”
  21. Living Well Spending Less’s “Your Clear & Simple Debt Free Plan”
  22. CNBC’s “How One Exec Saves $18,000 Per Year”
  23. Policy Genius’s “4 Tips to Pay Back Undergrad Loans in Grad School”
  24. Grow from Acorns “Resolved to Pay off Debt”
  25. Don’t Waste Your Money’s “How This Couple is Paying Off Debt”
  26. College Investor’s “Student Loan Debt Movement”
  27. Fatherly’s “Tips for Tackling Student Loans and Other Expenses”
  28. Rock Star Finance’s “Net Worth Tracker”
  29. Good Men Project’s “3 Ways These Dads are Tackling Student Loans”
  30. The Globe and Mail’s “This is the Danger of Helping Your Gen Y Kids Buy a House”
  31. The Financial Diet’s “7 Personal Finance Articles We Loved This Week”
  32. Camp Fire Finance’s “Featured FIRE Content”
  33. Student Loan Hero’s “Resourceful Couples Paying off Debt Together
  34. Grow From Acorn’s “Resolved to Pay Off Debt”
  35. The Street’s “Get a Mortgage Even if You Have Crippling Student Debt”

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I have spoken frequently on Student Loan Debt and paying off six figure debt and enjoy speaking on this topic and other personal finance related topics, especially about getting out of debt. To book me for your event, please inquire at

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I am available to contribute a guest post to your website. Please inquire with me at


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