can biden cancel student debt


Can Biden cancel student debt?

And if so, would he actually do it? 

And and if he would how much would Biden forgive per borrower?

These are the kinds of questions circling around student loan debt in the United States right now.

The answers are of course, not very clear. But here are a few things we do know.

The Biden Administration doesn’t think Biden can cancel student debt.

It’s hard to advocate that Biden can cancel student debt when he does not appear to believe he can do so. President Biden does not believe he has the authority on his own to enact wide scale student loan forgiveness without Congress, and neither does his administration. In a press briefing this summer, Nancy Pelosi announced that she did not believe that President Biden has the authority to enact wide scale student loan forgiveness. And even that wide scale student loan forgiveness wasn’t “even a discussion.” 

That said, this week in a press briefing, Jen Psaki said the President would “happily” sign a bill enacting wide scale student loan forgiveness, up to $10,000 per borrower, if Congress were to pass that kind of bill and send it to the President. It’s worth noting that Congress currently does not support wide scale student loan forgiveness. In other words, the President won’t act on wide scale forgiveness without an act of Congress, and Congress has not passed any legislation so far.

Biden has, however, forgiven over $9.5B in student loans so far and is on track to forgive more than $110B more, focusing on targeted student loan cancellation. In fact, as of this week, Public Service Loan Forgiveness will receive an overhaul and allow likely 22,000 borrowers to have their student loans forgiven. I suspect we’ll see a lot of targeted student loan cancellation, but never wide scale forgiveness from the Biden Administration. 

Other organizations believe Biden has the authority as President to forgive student loans without Congress. 

Some organizations, like Student Debt Crisis, argue that the President has clear authority to direct the Secretary of Education to enact wide scale student loan forgiveness under the Higher Education Act. Really their argument is that because the President has forgiven targeted student loan debt in the past (they’ve forgiven loans of students who were defrauded by their universities/institutions, public service loans, etc), that the executive branch has the authority to also impose wide scale forgiveness. 

Legal scholars at Harvard have argued that the President has a general authority under the Federal Claims Collection Act of 1966 to enact wide scale forgiveness and the specific power to do so under the Higher Education Act, reaching that Congress has the power to create debt which effectively operates as the power to cancel debt, and that Congress gave limited power to the executive branch to accomplish this.  

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can biden cancel student debt

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