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Looking for some cheap but awesome Christmas gifts? Danny and I both grew up in households where Christmas was a really big deal. If I’m being honest, it is really tempting to do big Christmases the way our parents did for us. But our parents were in much different financial circumstances that we are, and we constantly have to remind ourselves of that. That being said, you can still throw a magical Christmas for yourself or your family even if you are deeply in debt or otherwise trying to be frugal about life. Here are some of my favorite cheap Christmas gift ideas this year.


Before Danny and I started on our journey paying off debt, he got me some Beats wireless headphones– you know, the kind that go over your ears. I loved them! And then we had baby M. And he broke them. We were already on our journey paying off debt when they were broken so there was basically no chance I was going to pay $$ to get new ones. So I looked for an alternative. I can honestly say that I love these more than I loved my Beats. They are noise canceling, the sound is so good, the battery lasts forever, they are literally the only headphones that will actually stay inside my hears, and the best part of all, they were under $20! Check them out here.


When I was a kid, my mom bought my sister and I a shower radio that was in the shape of a fish (called “tune-a-fish”– so good) and it changed my life. A shower radio should be on the top of everyone’s cheap but awesome Christmas gifts lists. This one is super cool, it has a radio, bluetooth, AND a speaker so you can literally talk on the phone in the shower.  We really do live in the golden age of technology.


I think everyone, myself included, needs a waterproof phone case like this one. When Danny and I were living in China we got to travel all over southeast Asia and it was before we had iPhones (they existed, we just didn’t have them). So the only pictures we have of all of our snorkeling was from this really crappy underwater camera. If only we’d had a case like this!! Photos we may not ever have the opportunity to take again! Under $20!


Board games make some of the very best cheap but awesome Christmas gifts. Some of our favorites are Blockus and Sequence. I think Cards Against Humanity and Exploding Kittens are going to be popular again this year.

Blockus is a family friendly strategic game that kind of has Tetris + Risk vibes. One of my favorite games ever.

Sequence is a fun family friendly game that kind of has Bingo or Connect 4 vibes but requires a bit more strategy.

Exploding Kittens is a family friendly strategic card game that is high-larious. Basically you’re trying not to draw the exploding kitten card, but if you do, there are a number of strategies you can use to stay in the game. Fun fact, it was the #1 backed Kickstarter project in Kickstarter’s history!

Cards Against Humanity is a party game recommended for players 17+. Sort of like Apples to Apples but for adults. Definitely hilarious, definitely not for kids.


I literally want to put one of these Tiles on everything! They are these little bluetooth tiles that you can put on your keys, wallet, purse, literally anything, and you can ding them from your phone so that you can find them! Best invention EVER and you can grab one for less than $20! Oh AND, you can ring your phone from the Tile! So if you have your keys for example, but can’t find your phone, you double click the Tile and it will ring your phone. Crazy! Grab one because you definitely know someone who needs this here.


Books are some of my favorite gifts to give because they’re usually pretty inexpensive and can be so meaningful in someone’s life! Our book Phased teaches you how to get your physical fitness and your finances in order and comes complete with a food guide, workouts, and tons of worksheets to help you get your finances on track.

Girl Wash Your Face was a really popular book this year, and I hear great things about You Are a Badass at Making Money


Give your loved ones the gift of a subscription service, such as Amazon Prime. We LOVE Prime and use it for tons of stuff such as, *free* two day shipping, TV/movie streaming (it really is becoming the new Netflix), and unlimited ad-free listening to tons of music and playlists.


I’ve always wanted to buy my parents a personalized deck of cards since they play cards once a week with their friends. I just think it would be so funny to have my face watching them while they’re playing hearts. Ha. This would be a perfect gift for grandparents who live far away, or even for your own kids to play with!


Grab one of these outdoor blankets that zips or folds into itself like a bag. This is one of my favorite gifts I’ve ever received. We use it ALL the time– going to the park, the beach, even hanging in the back yard. It has come in handy SO much and should definitely be included in your cheap but awesome Christmas gifts! This one is a little more expensive but is bigger and super cute.


Bring your family’s old VHS or old formatted home videos to this century by digitizing them! I always worry about some of our old home movies. It seems like in no time at all there won’t be a way to watch them– all those dance recitals lost forever! You could convert the videos yourself (cheapest) or hire a company like Legacy Box to do it for you (more expensive but good if techy stuff is not your thing).

When it comes to Christmas gifts, it is definitely the thought that counts. You can still have a magical Christmas without breaking the bank on gifts! Use these cheap but awesome Christmas gifts and your family and friends are sure to feel the love.

What are some cheap but awesome Christmas gifts you have either given or received? I’d love to hear from you!

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cheap but awesome christmas gifts

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