cheap but awesome valentine's day gifts


Valentine’s Day is approaching faster than I care to admit. I’m still feeling slightly hungover financially from Christmas (even though of course we save up for Christmas and never go into debt over it). I firmly believe in celebrating holidays, even Valentine’s Day, no matter what your financial situation is. (Ex: we’re still chipping away at $650,000 of student loan debt). Which is why I created this list of cheap but awesome Valentine’s Day gifts for him, so that you can show your guy you love him, without breaking your budget.



At the top of the list of cheap but awesome Valentine’s day gifts for your man is to make him a playlist of meaningful (or funny) lovey songs. Back in my day, we used to do this by burning CD’s of love songs. Now you can do it from the comfort of your phone by simply downloading songs that remind you of your lover or have special meaning for the two of you. I love this idea because it’s meaningful, lasts forever, and costs either nothing (if you already have the songs) or is cheap– just the cost of downloading the songs. 

Bluetooth tiles.

One of my personal favorite cheap but awesome Valentine’s day gifts are these bluetooth tiles. Your man will be able to slap them onto his keys, wallet, or anything else he has trouble keeping track of. Simply ring the tile so you can find whatever it’s attached to. It also works in reverse, so if you lose your phone, you can ring your phone from your tile! 🙂 I feel like this product was created for my Valentine who is constantly losing his keys. 

An at home spa night.

One of my husband Danny’s favorite gifts I ever gave him was a spa night when we were in college and he was feeling really stressed about getting into dental school. [Related: Is Dental School Worth the Debt?]. I grabbed a couple of face masks, put cucumbers over our eyes, and we listened to spa-like music while I gave him a massage. It was super fun and crazy cheap! 

A personalized pair of socks. 

Show the one you love that you really love him by putting your face on his socks. Hahaha my very favorite among these cheap but awesome Valentine’s day gifts are these personalized pair of socks. I don’t know why but I just really enjoy the idea of my face on Danny’s socks. You could also put your pet, kids, or anything else your Valentine would love on them.

Love note.

If you are really looking for cheap but awesome Valentine’s day gifts for him, simply write him a love note and let him know how you feel! Remind him of happy times you’ve had together and all the reasons why he’s your Valentine. Nothing could be sweeter! I love finding old notes that I’ve written Danny or that he’s written me. Those are treasures that will last a lifetime or more. 

A pic of the two of you for his wallet.

Another cheap thing you could do for Valentine’s is print off a small favorite photo of the two of you so he can stick it in his wallet and think of you throughout the day. It costs only pennies, literally, and will surely bring a smile to his face. I also like to think that if he sees my face in his wallet, he’ll be more inclined to stay on track with our budget when he whips his credit card out to pay for something, ha. 

A wallet. 

Speaking of wallets, if he’s not really into carrying a bulky one, grab him a super minimal wallet like this one. I got a similar one for Danny for Christmas this year and it was a huge hit. In fact, I ended up getting a similar design so now we have matching-ish wallets which is obviously precious. I really like this Thread one because it hooks onto my keys. Plus, you could easily stick one of those blue tooth tiles to it in case you ever lose it! 

One month of a subscription service. 

Ever since we started our journey paying off $650k of student loan debt, we’ve been pretty picky about what subscription services we allow into our lives. Most of them are luxuries that we can’t really justify at the moment. But, for cheap but awesome Valentine’s day gifts, grab your guy a month of one of those luxury services, like Netflix. It’s way cheaper than cable and still just as enjoyable. Find more money saving tips here

A speaker. 

It seems like if there is one thing that all men love, it’s speakers. Grab him this loud, bass intense, bluetooth speaker for less than $30. Think of all the possibilities– dance parties, taking it into your kids room in the morning to play loud music to wake them up… nothing could be better. 

A key chain with your initials.


There you have it. Plenty of cheap but awesome Valentine’s Day gifts to make your man feel special without breaking the bank.

What are some favorite Valentine’s Day gifts you’ve given (or received) for Valentine’s Day? Drop a comment below.

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cheap but awesome valentine's day gifts


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