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Looking for some amazing but cheap Christmas gifts for boys? My son was born right around the time we started paying off $650,000 in student loan debt (more about our student loan debt story here), which means that basically his whole life we have been living frugally. I’d like to think that he hasn’t suffered too much, thanks to our research and frugal living skills. All I’m trying to say is, if you are looking for cheap Christmas gifts for boys, you’ve come to the right place. Here are some of my favorites.



One of the gifts I am most excited to give my little guy this year is a dress up box that I’ve been putting together over the last couple of months. Right before Halloween, I went to a thrift store in an affluent area near me and scored tons of costumes, like Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, etc, all for $3-$4 each. It also had a lot of super hero masks for $1 so I stocked up! I’ve also bought a few cheap items on Amazon to add to his box like this Thanos gauntlet and other cheap super hero costumes for under $10!


Board games make great cheap Christmas gifts for boys. Some of our favorites are Hedbanz, Pie Face, and Candy Land. Obviously depending on how old the boy you’re shopping for is will impact what kind of board games you buy! My son is 4 and these are three of his favorite board games.


Another idea for cheap Christmas gifts for boys is a scooter! You can find regular priced scooters for as cheap as $28 and Target will be selling Razor scooters on Black Friday for only $18. Also, don’t be afraid to pop into a thrift store (I have the best luck in affluent areas) and check to see if they have any gently used scooters. I saw some last week near me that were in great condition for $8!


One of my son’s favorite gifts he’s ever received was a pair of old binoculars from my dad that he was no longer using. My 4 year old takes them everywhere– in the bike trailer, on hikes, playing in the backyard. The binoculars have been the gift that keeps on giving. You can get these good ones for as cheap as $19. If your little guy is still pretty young, you may want to start out with some plastic (aka not real ones) like these.


Every little boy loves sand and dirt right? Fake sand and dirt that doesn’t make a huge mess is one of my favorite inventions ever. Not to mention the fact that your little guy is sure to be obsessed! For only $13, you can’t go wrong. Kinetic sand was a game changer for me when my son stopped napping. It’s something he can do for quiet time that keeps him entertained for long periods of time so I can catch a little break.


Have you tried out any of Melissa & Doug’s Water Wows yet?? We take one of these almost everywhere we go. Grab a pack of 3 for only $10. They’re designed for younger kids, but when my 4 year old plays with it during church, he inevitably attracts the attention of the 10 year old boys. All you do is fill up the brush with water, and your kid paints the pages with water and watches the pictures come to life! Honestly I have fun doing them.


I’ve had tons of good luck finding construction toys at thrift stores. Sometimes they are kind of beat up, but my idea is that a little boy could play with these and even store them outdoors. My little guy spends hours playing in the backyard in the dirt and with rocks with these kinds of trucks. This set is less than $13. I let him pour water, make mud, and go to town. It’s being a little boy at its finest.


Another among the fun cheap Christmas gifts for boys are play tools! You can’t go wrong with play tools, and this set is under $25. A friend bought these for my son one year and I die over the goggles. He likes to bring the tools almost everywhere we go and fix things up at the playground, store, or wherever we are.


Another among my favorite cheap Christmas gifts for boys are puzzles! You can find puzzles appropriate for any age. Melissa & Doug carry some of my favorite ones that are inexpensive but made of wood so they last a long time. They also have a classic look that I love. You can also find tons of puzzles at the dollar store. I’ve tried buying them at thrift stores, there’s just no guarantee that you’ll actually get all the pieces, so I prefer dollar store and Amazon to thrift store in this instance.


Pokemon cards are great gifts for boys are you can grab 100 of them for about $10 here. My brothers were obsessed with these growing up and it’s been fun to see them make a come back.


All little boys love pogs! You can get a decent 2 player set for about $12 here. Pogs are recommended for ages 5 and up, so be aware of that. Same with Pokemon cards, these were really popular in the 90’s/2000’s and it’s fun to see them come back. Honestly any toy for this age group that is not an electronic device makes me really happy.


You can grab a brand new rip stick for less than $40 regular price. On Black Friday, Amazon Prime members will be able to get these bad boys for $29. If you aren’t a prime member, you can grab a free 30 day trial here. In many instances, Amazon will let you try Prime again even if you’ve already tried it before, so it’s worth an attempt to sign up. You didn’t hear it from me.


Slime is always a hit with pretty much all boys and you can grab it at the dollar store! I like using it as a stocking stuffer but it makes a great regular gift too! Keep your eyes on it– you don’t want it to end up in carpet and if your kiddo leaves the lid off, it will harden up pretty fast.


Cheap Christmas gifts for boys don’t come any better than in the form of a wooden train set. You can get a really nice one from Amazon for less than $30. Ikea also carries one for $17.99 that is more basic here. Wooden train sets are classic and last for years, so they’re not only cheap, but a lasting toy investment that your kids will be able to pass down to their kids.


An indoor tent would make a great Christmas present for a boy. My son spends hours playing with toys and reading books in his fire truck tent and it only costs $19!

You don’t have to spend tons of money on Christmas to make it magical for the boys in your life. With this list of cheap Christmas gifts for boys,  you are sure to make it the merriest of Christmases without breaking the bank. 🙂

What are some of your favorite cheap Christmas gifts for boys? Drop a comment below! 

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cheap Christmas gifts for boys



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