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Looking for some cheap Christmas gift ideas for young girls? You’ve come to the right place. Girl stuff is SO fun but it can really get expensive. I’ve vetted out the best Christmas gift ideas for girls that won’t break the bank. Ever since we started our journey paying off $650,000 of student loan debt, we’ve become pros at frugal living– actually, more like abundant living on a super tight budget. Here’s our favorite cheap Christmas gifts for young girls.



One of my favorite cheap Christmas gift ideas for young girls is a Polly Pocket! I was obsessed with these as a little girl and always buy them for my nieces or for M’s friends as birthday gifts. They are always a hit. Girls just love something about tiny toys! The best part is, you can grab one for less than $8.


If there is one thing that is true about most little girls, it’s that they love to dress up. You can find all kinds of dresses and dress up clothes fro their favorite characters at thrift stores– try to hit them just before Halloween to find the best stuff. That’s when thrift stores typically wait to put out their dress up clothes. You can also score great clearance sales just after Halloween at stores like Costco, Target, and Walmart. And even if you missed those Halloween sales, you can still find amazing deals online, like this Elsa dress for only $15— perfect since Frozen II is coming out in just a few days.


Lots of little girls love dressing up. You can grab them toy make up for very cheap (less than $12 here!) Or even shop the clearance rack at your local Walmart and Target. Often, I’ve found real make up on sale for $5 or less each (I can almost always find some kind of lip stick for only $1). You could buy a variety of things and put it in their own make up bag for very cheap. Just be sure it’s the kind of make up that wipes off easily!


Just about every little girl loves carrying around a purse or bag, which is what makes this unicorn makeup bag and backpack combo the perfect cheap Christmas gifts for young girls! It comes with a necklace, bracelet, and hair ties and costs less than $12!


Another one of my favorite cheap Christmas gift ideas for young girls is board games. You can’t go wrong with Pie Face, Candy Land, or Hed Banz!


You honestly can’t go wrong with beads! This set of beads comes with personalized ABC beads so your little girl can spell her or her friends names… or anything she wants! You can make bracelets or necklaces. I was crazy about this stuff when I was a little girl. Oh and p.s., it’s only $8.99!


Speaking of beads, remember Fuse Beads? I LOVED these as a kid. You put the beads in the design and iron it for a fun cute craft. You can grab a kit with 20 designs for $12.99.


Have you heard of KiwiCo? Basically each month they send a STEAM toy that your child can build, learn about, and play with. They’re doing a Black Friday (and pre-Black Friday sale which makes it $13.33 a month if you do it for 3 months! You can also purchase single crates (i.e., not a subscription).


Another favorite of my cheap Christmas gifts for young girls is a simple set of crayons or markers with a coloring book or two. The best part about it is that you can scale this up or down depending on the age of the girl you are shopping for. More complex coloring books for older girls, simple ones for the younger ones.


I think just about all girls love scrunchies, whether they are 2 or 10! You can get this pack of 6 really cute ones for $8.99.


I love this initial necklace. It’s the right touch of meaningful and stylish for any girl and it costs less than $12.


I LOVE this adorable bunny digital camera. I could imagine a little girl taking it around with her everywhere! Plus I think it would be so fun to see what kinds of pictures she would take. It comes with a cute lanyard, USB cord, and memory card.



Another great cheap Christmas gift for young girls is a bike! Last year we scored a kids bike for only $19 on Black Friday weekend at Academy Sports. I know Target and Walmart will both have great deals on kids bikes. Another idea is to check Facebook marketplace (or other second hand places) for gently used bikes that are still in good condition. That way, you can get a really nice bike for less!


This mermaid tail blanket would make the perfect Christmas gift, and it comes with a fun key chain too. For only $16, it makes the perfect cheap Christmas gift for girls. And honestly I want one for myself.


This scratch art from Melissa & Doug would be perfect for Christmas! It’s less than $8 and will keep your little girl entertained all throughout the year.


Another gift idea for the budding photographer in your life is this waterproof wide lens camera (basically a cheap version of the GoPro). Right now it’s only $29 and Amazon has a coupon for $2 off! It comes with 7 different filtered modes to shoot video in and 2 different mounts to attach it to different surfaces (like a bike, skate board, etc. You can also keep it hand held for underwater adventures.


I think every little girl needs a fairy garden. This one has everything you would ever need for $19.99, but you could totally make a similar one on your own if you are crafty!

You don’t have to spend tons of money on Christmas to make it magical for the girls in your life. With this list of cheap Christmas gifts for young girls, you are sure to make it the merriest of Christmases without breaking the bank. 🙂 Are you also shopping for a boy? Check out my list of cheap Christmas gifts for boys here!

What are some of your favorite cheap Christmas gifts for young girls? Have you tried out any of these products? Drop a comment below! 

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Christmas gifts for young girls

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