cheap Easter basket ideas for boys


Ever since we started our journey paying off $650,000 in student loan debt, my hubby and I have been on the hunt for all the cheap things. We both feel strongly that holidays, birthdays, special occasions are meant to be celebrated, regardless of whether we’re paying off debt. But, the key is to celebrate within the confines of a budget. And that includes Easter! I love Easter. It’s one of my favorite holidays. There’s so much to feel happy about at Easter time– we celebrate life and love and hope. Skipping out on celebrating is just not an option. Our son is also at a really fun age for holidays like this, so here are the best cheap Easter basket ideas for boys.



Matchbox cars are a perfect match for cheap Easter basket ideas for boys. My little guy literally cannot get enough of matchbox cars, and has been that way since birth. I love them because they are small, last forever, and are crazy cheap! You could make a themed basket of matchbox cars or simply add them to a coupe of eggs in his basket. Whatever you do, they’re sure to be a hit. 


A cute little watch is the perfect addition for cheap Easter basket ideas for boys. My son is obsessed with watches. They make him feel like a big boy. Plus, it’s useful! You can teach your little guy to tell time. And this one is only $7.99


If there is one thing all boys love, it’s drones. And this is a fun, hand held one that is navigated by hand movement. Someone bought one for my son for Christmas and it’s been the highlight of his life I’m pretty sure. This one is only $16 and is nice and small— it would fit perfectly in a boy’s Easter basket. 


Lego 3 in 1 kits are PERFECT for cheap Easter basket ideas for boys. It’s like getting 3 toys for the price of 1! If you haven’t seen these before, they are a kit of Lego that comes with 3 different set of instructions using the same pieces to create totally different toys. This one is only $7.99.


Another idea for your boy’s Easter basket is to stick photos of your family, his favorite things, and pictures of Jesus or other reminders of what Easter is about for you and your family. 


Crayons are the perfect addition to an Easter basket. They’re insanely cheap and every kid loves a fresh pack!


And if you’re putting crayons in his Easter basket, you might as well add a coloring book! You can find these for just $1 at the Dollar Store. If there are cartoon/other characters he loves, a coloring book featuring them is sure to be a hit! If you prefer to shop online, this Melissa & Doug one is a great one and only $4.99


Putting sidewalk chalk in my son’s Easter basket has basically become tradition for me at this point. I think because to me, Easter is like the epitome of Spring and getting back outside again. Playing with sidewalk chalk is something that we can do together and I love to see how his creative little mind works when we’re playing with it together. Not to mention the fact that it is oh so cheap!


I love Melissa & Doug’s On the Go series– they have no mess water coloring sets and lots of other fun mess free activities for kids. I thought this scratch art looked fun and it’s only $12.99 for 3! Otherwise, for any of the On the Go products you can expect to pay about $5 each. They’d fit perfectly in an Easter basket and would make a great cheap Easter basket idea for boys! 


I like to stash a couple of fun colored markers or pens in my son’s Easter basket. It’s nice if you have multiple kids, you can simply split up a pack! 


Stamps are great for cheap Easter basket ideas for boys! You can separate them and put them into individual eggs, which is what I like to do for my little guy. In the past I’ve found them at Target and the Dollar Store, but I liked that on Amazon you can grab a 6 pack for $5.95 here and they come looking like a plastic egg.


Mini dinos are one of my favorite cheap Easter basket ideas for boys! They’re tiny enough to fit in Easter eggs or you can stuff them in Easter grass. My little guy loves playing with these in the dirt and rocks in our backyard for hours. Best part? SO CHEAP. Grab these ones for $6.99, or again, the Dollar Store near you may have some! 


Bouncing boys love bouncing balls! Bouncy balls are perfect for a boy’s Easter basket and can fit right into any plastic egg. Find these in the party section at Walmart, Target, or the Dollar Store– Amazon’s options were too expensive to post here. You should be able to grab a handful of them for $1. 


These tiny squishy animals would be perfect for a boy’s Easter basket. I like being able to buy a bunch of these at one time– if you have multiple kids, you can split them up between their baskets. If you don’t, you can save some for other holidays, rewards, or special occasions for your little one. 


Do you remember Koosh balls? I LOVED these as a kid! And they’d fit great in plastic eggs or simply just tucked away in an Easter basket. 


For me, an Easter basket just isn’t complete without a stuffed animal! You could either stay on theme with something like a bunny or a chick, or go crazy with a fox or badger (which my little guy would likely prefer ha). 


I think all boys love keys, so a fun key chain or two or caribeener would be perfect to hide in some Easter eggs. These are best found at the Dollar Store where they’ll be cheapest! 


Stickers are perfect for Easter baskets! You can get Easter themed ones or non-seasonal ones that he can use throughout the year. 


Another fun cheap Easter basket idea for a boy would be to make your own play doh! You could dye it pastel Easter colors and wrap it up cute. or simply stuff it in plastic eggs (though it will dry out faster). 


Every little guy needs some G.I.. Joe’s to play with right? I think these are perfect for filling Easter eggs, but definitely check the Dollar Store for cheaper ones! 


If your Easter boy is little enough, bath toys make great Easter basket gifts. I thought this wind up little swimming penguin would be perfect and it’s less than $5.


Of course you can’t mention a boy’s Easter basket without candy (unless of course you are purposely trying to avoid it). I like to save candy from after holiday sales (like Valentine’s and Christmas) and use it to fill eggs, in addition to grabbing a few other little things that look more Easter-y. 

What cheap Easter basket ideas for boys do you have that I missed? Drop a comment below!

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cheap easter basket ideas for boys
Looking for cheap Easter basket ideas for boys? Here are my favorite Easter basket ideas on a budget.

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