cheap easter basket ideas


Looking for cheap Easter basket ideas? Even though we’re on a journey paying off $650k of student loan debt, I’m still a huge believer in celebrating all the holidays, and Easter is no exception. I want to fill our son’s childhood with memories of things like Easter baskets on Easter morning. The good news for me (and you) is that there are plenty of options when it comes to cheap Easter basket ideas.

Easter Basket. 

Neutral basket.

If you haven’t saved Easter baskets from previous years (which I highly recommend doing going forward) you can use a neutral deep basket that can serve multiple purposes, not just Easter morning. I despise storing single use items. I want all the items that I own provide value more than once a year. I liked these ones best:

If you don’t have a reusable Easter basket, here are some other cheap Easter basket ideas:

A hat

Use a hat that you already own, place it upside down and fill it up with Easter goodies.

Brown paper sack

Use brown paper sack(s) that your kid(s) can decorate.

Cereal box

Build an Easter basket out of a cereal box (tutorial here)

Easter Basket Fillers.


Stamps are a great Easter basket filler. You could go for Easter stamps, but to maximize savings I try to give ones that aren’t too holiday specific so they can be used throughout the year and don’t go to waste.

Sidewalk chalk


Jump rope


Matchbox cars

Glow in the dark stars

Glow in the dark stars make great Easter basket fillers.

Bouncy balls

Flash lights

Sand toys


One super cheap Easter basket idea is to give your kids coupons that they’d love, such as coupons that allow them to stay up late one night or get them out of doing chores.

Crayons or markers

Bath toys

Thrifted books

Swing by a local thrift store and check out their stock of books. You can find some seriously great treasures at thrift stores, and kids books are no exception!

Cute socks

Fill your kiddos’ Easter basket with cute socks– it’s something they need and if you find ones with character’s they love, they’re sure to be a hit.

Fun band-aids

Coloring book

Melissa & Doug Water Wow

These books are heaven-sent. Any time I’m in a situation where I need my son to not run around like the wild man he is, I pull one of these out. (Think airplane, church, etc). They’re super cheap and would make great Easter basket fillers!

Finger puppets


Candy is the most obvious Easter basket filler, but one of my favorite ways to stuff an Easter basket is with candy purchased on the clearance rack after Valentine’s Day! It’s usually pink which looks Easter-y and you can get it half price (sometimes less) when you shop right after Valentine’s Day.

There you have it! Plenty of cheap Easter basket ideas if you’re living on a tight budget.

For the comments: what are some of your favorite Easter basket ideas?

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cheap easter basket ideas


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