Need a cheap and easy last minute Halloween costume? M really wanted to be Branch from the movie Trolls for Halloween this year. Untl I finished making his costume, after which he informed me that he really wanted to be Spiderman. Womp womp. Danny and I are going to be Bergens from the movie, so stay tuned for that tutorial. 🙂

I am not a crafty person. I hate/can’t sew/sewing. I have no patience. And I hate spending money. So, this costume was PERFECT. I put it together in less than 10 minutes (excluding shopping time) and get this— it cost less than $2!!

What you’ll need:
tulle (I bought 25 yards and only used about 1/3) for troll hair $0.66 ($1.97 for the whole roll)
head band $0.50
sheets of felt $0.23 (I already had the dark green felt on hand from last years Peter Pan costume— always save your scraps!)
face paint: $0.20– $1.99 for the pack (I used a tiny amount for his little nose and eyebrows. I’m estimating $0.20 but really have no idea)
vest (I used one we already had on deck that we bought a few years ago at a thrift store for $2
shorts – he wore a pair that he already had and loves

Total cost: $1.59 for the whole costume (subtracting for the fact that you can use the left over tulle and face paint for other/future costumes 😉

Directions: cut out leaves from green felt. I alternated big and small leaves. I used about 12 and wouldn’t have needed more than one 8×11 sheet of felt.
Sew or glue leaves on to vest.
Cut 12-14 20 inch strips of tulle. Loop onto head band. Using small amounts of glue, glue a few tulle strips together so they don’t fall down.
Cut ears out of felt. Hot or super glue ears onto bottom of the head band.

Paint on a nose and some eyebrows and you are good to go! Happy cheap last minute Halloweening!

how to make a cheap halloween costume


  1. Your little boy is adorable!

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      Thank you! I’m biased but I think so too haha

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