Does your grocery budget make you want to hide under your sheets? Ours certainly has in the past. Which is exactly why we looked into the Grocery Budget Makeover by Erin Chase. Curious about how you can cut your grocery budget in half? You’ve come to the right place.

The majority of questions people ask us when they are starting out their budget tend to revolve around cutting out expenses. One easy way to keep your budget in check is to not overspend on groceries. But like most things, it is easier said than done. In fact, grocery shopping is the area of our own budget that routinely gets out of control. And it can spiral out of control quite quickly, especially over the holidays when there are so many goodies to make. Because you know what? I like to eat.

Like an angel from heaven responding in the very hour of my need, Erin from $5 Dinners presented this workshop: The Grocery Budget Makeover.

Our current budget for groceries is set at $400 a month for the three of us in our family. But that does not mean that is what we actually spend. In fact, we routinely spend well over $400 that I really shouldn’t say that our budget is $400 because I am basically just lying to myself. We usually spend closer to $500. But after completing the grocery budget makeover, we plan to reduce that down to close to $250 per month. In fact, we have a few sets of friends with 3-4 children who successfully keep their grocery spending around $250 per month after following the principles from the grocery budget makeover! You can cut your grocery budget in half using the grocery budget makeover.

cut your grocery budget

My favorite parts about the Grocery Budget Makeover:

  • it costs less than $5 a week (total of $49 since its a 5 week course)
  • it boasts average savings of $2400 a year!
  • it helps you save time both in the store and preparing and planning meals each week
  • it offers health conscious meals
  • it is spread out through several different lessons– that way its not too much information too soon.

Everyone could benefit from a little grocery shopping overhaul. Find out more details here: JOIN THE GROCERY BUDGET MAKEOVER

What would you do with an extra $2400 a year? (All I can think about is a couple of plane tickets to Hawaii! But in reality, it would likely just go to debt repayment.)

cut your grocery budget

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  1. While $200/month is very commendable for a family of three, I think you will find that this is not sustainable. Actually, $400 is quite good as it is. Perhaps you could just tweak that downward $50 or so. It’s very important to eat well when you are slogging away on debt payment. Your budget is so barebones already that I would just not mess with this that much. As you commit to your debt repayment, you will find that preparing good food at home will be one of the rewards (and distractions!) of sticking with the plan. If you don’t eat well, everything else just kinda’ stinks! As a kind of test, let us know in 6 months or so, if you can stick to this grocery budget. I’m not trying to be negative, just a bit realistic! (Just two of us and we are easily in the $350-400 range, but we are frugal in lots of other places!)

  2. I love trying new things to cut a budget! My food budget isn’t a huge concern but I could see how these things can rise (especially as your little one grows!). We have 2 teens in the house and they are not only very picky but they eat all the junk food snacks in sight. Those things are meant to be a snack for their lunches – not a meal! I can’t wait to see how this works out for you. 🙂

  3. I will suggest you to go to the store with cash in hand, because by this you know exactly how much you can spend. I am doing like this. And another simple suggestion I will give, you can add more and more plant based food in your menu. It will helpful for your limited grocery budget.

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