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Looking for a Fetch Referral Code (February 2020) so you can instantly earn $2 on the app? Download the app here & Use the code YUUG7.

Ahh there are few things that bring me more satisfaction than saving money on groceries. It’s one area of our budget that has the most variability. If we are careful, we can save hundreds of dollars each month. If we’re not careful, we can waste hundreds of dollars. One of my favorite ways to save money on groceries is using cash back apps, such as Fetch. [Related: How To Save Tons on Groceries]. 


The Fetch app is an app that allows you to scan your grocery store receipts in order to earn free rewards on the grocery shopping you are already doing. All you do is download the app and scan in your receipts from grocery shopping. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of searching for coupons or rebates, watching videos, or taking surveys– the app automatically applies the coupons/rebates for you which allows you to earn points. 

You can redeem your points for hundreds of available rewards (gift cards). 

Using your own Fetch referral code, you can also refer friends and family to the app to earn even more rewards (2,000 points per referral). 


Fetch referral code

You can earn points in the Fetch app in two ways– with specific brands or special offers. 

With specific brands, you’ll earn a certain number of points on any product belonging to the specific brand. You’ll earn points this way based on how much the product costs. For every $0.10 you spend on the specific brand, you’ll earn 1 point. (So say you buy $100 worth of Pampers products you would earn 1,000 points. 

You can preview qualifying brands in the app. On the “Discover” screen in the app, you’ll see “brands that earn you points.” In the top right, you can tap “View All” to see all of the brands that will earn you points. 

With special offers, you earn points by buying specific items and quantities of those items. You can see what special offers are available right on the Discover screen. Simply scroll through them or select how you want to view them from “category,” based on points from “high to low,” “most recent,” or “expiring first.” For example, right now you can earn 200 points for purchasing Breyer’s ice cream. 

I like to pair my Fetch purchases with other apps and coupons. So take the Breyer’s ice cream for example. I’d ideally pair it with a manufacturers coupon (which can be found in your local ads that come in the mail, newspaper, or at coupons.com). On top of that, I’d search Ibotta for any rebates on Breyer’s ice cream to really maximize my savings. (Ibotta works similar to Fetch except that you’ll need to actually select the offers you want to purchase, and then upload your receipt to the app. Get $5 for signing up here). 


One thing I really like about Fetch is that you can connect your Amazon account to automatically earn points for any Amazon grocery purchases that you make. 

You can also connect your e-mail address associated with grocery stores where you frequently shop, such as Walmart or Target to automatically earn points for your online shopping. If there is one thing that makes me SO happy as a busy mom, it’s ways to automate my savings. Savings you don’t even have to think about! What a dream. 


fetch referral code

If you’re ready to get started saving with Fetch, simply:

(1) Download the app. Be sure to use the Fetch referral code YUUG7 so you can instantly earn an extra $2 when you upload your first receipt! 

(2) Go grocery shopping. Go do your regular grocery shopping.

(3) Upload your receipt to the app! Simply take a quick pic of your receipt, upload it right into the app. 

(4) Realize your savings! Fetch will automatically apply any coupons or rebates to whatever you purchased. That’s it! That’s all you have to do! Practically effortless savings we’re talking about here. 

(5) Redeem your points for rewards (gift cards). 1000 points is equal to $1.00 worth of gift cards in the app. 

You’ll find hundreds of popular brands/restaurants/etc that you can redeem your gift cards with, such as Amazon, Visa, MasterCard, AirBnb, etc. 

Ready to get started using the Fetch App? Download the app here and don’t forget to use the Fetch Referral Code YUUG7 so you can instantly earn 2,000 points to use towards gift cards in the app! 

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Fetch referral code

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