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When my son was born, I took one look into those big beautiful blue eyes and I was smitten. I knew, despite all my feminist ways and hoorah about working women, that I was NOT going to be able to spend all my waking hours away from that handsome snuggle goblin. But, I also knew that my husband and I had a crushing amount of student loan debt and that we’d need a steady flow of income every month to chip away at that debt. The solution? I needed to find a way to earn money without a job. I could no longer simply trade my time for money.

Here are some of my favorite ways to earn money without a job:


One of my favorite ways to earn money without a job is to invest in real estate. There are countless ways you can do this. Two of the most basic ways are investing in rental income properties (like duplexes, single family homes, apartments, condos, etc that you would rent out to tenants. We plan to do this with our HGTV house, details here) or flipping fixer upper homes for a profit. Don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars sitting around to invest in real estate? No problem. That’s the part where you can get creative. You can do all kinds of things to invest in real estate when you don’t have much money to invest– from mortgaging your properties to investing in crowd funded real estate companies, like Realty Shares.


Perhaps you’re not quite ready to take the plunge in investing in more real estate… why not rent out the real estate you already have? You can rent out a room using AirBNB. This could be an especially lucrative way to make money without a job if you live in a college town or in a vacation destination.


Paying off debt isn’t *technically* a true way to make money without a job… but it kind of is. If you pay off debt, you won’t have any interest working against you. In other words, if you pay off debt, you’ll free up more money. This is especially true if you have high interest debt. For example, we had student loans with interest rates as high as 7.9%! Not only are we actively working on knocking out that debt, but we refinanced our debt for a better interest rate. You can use Credible to compare most of the top companies going rates for refinancing. Of course, refinancing is not limited to student loan debt– you can refinance almost any kind of debt, including credit card debt, for a better interest rate. (P.S. If you have student loan debt, consider using the Student Loan Planner to come up with a game plan about how to handle your student loans. I’m not exaggerating when I say a 30 minute consult with him saved us $200,000!!)


There are plenty of websites that allow you to make money for the shopping that you’re already doing. My two favorites (that I personally use very frequently) are Ebates and Ibotta.

Ebates gives you a percentage of cash back for purchases that you make online. It’s super easy to use– it’s completely free and you just sign up via their website and then do whatever online shopping you were planning on doing through their website in the search bar located on the top of the page. Plus, if you sign up using my referral link, you’ll earn an easy $10 just for signing up and making a purchase you would already be making anyway.

Ibotta is also very easy to use. You download the app and unlock rebates at stores you shop at. Simply scan your receipt after you purchase the product you have a rebate for and money is almost instantly deposited into your account. All of the major groceries stores (like Target, Walmart) have rebates available for use. But one of my favorite things has been getting cashback on Ibotta with Groupon. It just feels like getting double savings! Just like Ebates, you can snag a free $10 just for signing up with this link.

If you want more details on how to use Ebates or Ibotta, be sure to visit this post: How to Earn Money Shopping.


Another great way to earn money without a job is to start a blog and get involved with affiliate marketing. The short version– you write blog posts and insert personalized links to various products and services. That link is tracked and you usually get some sort of fee anytime someone purchases the item or service through your link. Writing one appropriately linked blog post can generate you income for many years to come. It took me less than ten minutes to start up my blog. Learn more about how to start your blog here.


While writing a book will certainly take some initial work, once it’s written, you can sell an unlimited amount of copies, potentially allowing you to earn an unlimited amount of money! Especially if you use a self-publisher like Amazon which gives you access to millions of customers. Like any sales, the more you put into advertising, the more likely your book will sell.


Creating a product is another way to earn money without a job. You can create a digital product to save on production costs OR you can create a physical product. The most likely thing you would do is create a website where you would sell your product. If it is digital, you would have people download the product from your website. If it is a physical product, you could use drop shipping. Drop shipping allows people to order the product from your website and your system notifies your manufacturer who completes the order by shipping directly to the customer.


Have skis? A snowboard? An ATV? A sumo suit? A bike? Literally anything else that someone else would want to use for a few hours? Rent it out!


Probably the easiest and most overlooked way to earn money without a job is to invest in dividend stocks. I used to hear the word “stock” and immediately crumple into a ball and pull a blanket over my head because I thought it was too confusing to figure out. These days investing in the stock market is easy peasy!

Most divided stocks pay you on a quarterly basis. All you have to do is educate yourself a little bit on how to pick stocks. There are some good resources from Nerd Wallet and Retire by 40 if you are interested in learning more.


Another fantastic way to earn money without a job is to start selling stuff online. You can sell your old stuff or you can sell stuff that you find at thrift stores or on clearance racks at your local grocery stores and supermarkets. I have a friend that made a full time income by purchasing things at the thrift store and selling them online. Learn more about how you can sell stuff online here.


You could start a business and outsource literally every aspect of it to earn money. With the prevalence of virtual assistance and the internet providing access to people all over the world, out sourcing is easier than ever. Outsourcing will cost money, but if you are interested in earning money without having to do much work, this is a good route to go.

What about you? What things do you do to earn money without a job? Are you willing to try any of the above ideas? 

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make money without a job



  1. Oh goodness, $65K? I’m so sorry. I am a huge ibotta fan. I cheat, too. We’ll sort of. I help elderly and disabled adults in their homes, and one of my clients often sends me to shop for her by myself. She doesn’t like to go to the store. I’ve gotten her hooked on some of the popular ibotta items.
    Also, thanks for not talking about MLMs. I know too many women who felt the way you did- that they couldn’t bare to go back to work- and got totally screwed by these companies. I plan on blogging about it myself. There’s actually one YouTube video I love with a disgruntled LuLaRoe consultant making fun of her situation, and it’s hilarious.

    1. steve d miller says: Reply

      keep me in the loop.

    2. Richard Ramos says: Reply

      One of these is very true for me. I started selling on letgo and offer up and have made a couple of thousand dollars from things I didnt use anymore or things I got free on craigslist. It’s super simple. Anyone can do it.

  2. i love to help old people two

  3. Can’t find any ways to make serious money I’ve tried selling bits etc but I’m desperate please help

  4. Chistopher Lindsay says: Reply

    Am home and really need a job can someone help me please

  5. You might as well try to invest in stocks, I wrote an article for beginners here, feel free to read it and if you have any questions, contact me 🙂 Tom

  6. I work but I also supplement myself by selling online, from clothing to items I find at dollar stores or thrift shops. I make sure the items are of good quality so they can sell fast. Also, working for a gym where we have a “lost and found”
    bin of i tems that people forget and don’t even ask if it’s still there, I wait until the end of the month to take home, gently wash and resell. And these are items from name brands! I also blog once in a while so I will be getting affiliate links mixed in to see if that helps! Good tips though!

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