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Have you been trying to find a legitimate way to work from home? Our son was born right around the time that we decided we were going to tackle our $650k head on and pay it off as quickly as possible. I immediately started researching jobs that allowed me to work from home (in addition to my full time job). It seems like when I started looking up ways I could work from home, I kept running into nothing but multi-level marketing businesses or other ideas that required me to invest hundreds or even thousands of dollars before I could get started. All I wanted was to work from home in a low key, flexible environment that would pay me a decent wage, doing something that did not bore me to tears. It took some time, but ultimately I found the PERFECT fit– teaching English to kids in China from the comfort of my very own home. You might have heard of VIPKID before. Basically, it is a virtual classroom where you teach Chinese kids (usually one on one) English, all from the comfort of your home. The lessons are already designed for you. You don’t have to have a teaching degree or any kind of certification. All you need is to be an English speaker and have a bachelor’s degree, and the dream of working from home can be yours.


You can earn money from home… or anywhere else for that matter.

The most important reason why you’ll want to become a teacher with VIPKID is that you will be able to earn money from home. Vipkid pays well, averaging about $20 per hour. Where I live in the Midwest, that is more than public school teacher’s make! Not only can you work from home with VIPKID, but you could in theory work ANYWHERE with VIPKID as long as you have WIFI! Get excited at the prospect of hanging on the beaches of Costa Rica, while popping inside to teach a few classes here and there. VIPKID is literally making the world possible for you.

Flexible hours. 

The next most important reason why you should teach with VIPKID is the flexibility you’ll get. When my son was born, the single most important factor to me in searching for a job became flexibility. With VIPKID, you set your own hours of availability. You’ll never have to work outside of those hours! And within some guidelines, you can work as much or as little as you desire. Plus, since you are teaching kids in China, with the time difference (assuming you reside outside of China) it will be really easy to create a flexible schedule for yourself.

All you need is ANY bachelor’s degree. (no teaching certificate required). 

Another thing that makes VIPKID one of the best jobs out there is that you don’t need any specialized training or degree to get the job. All you need is ANY bachelor’s degree and a little bit of teaching experience (and it doesn’t have to be anything formal, like an official elementary school teacher or anything like that).

You’ll make a difference in the lives of your students.

When I was teaching English in China, I taught one of my classes a verse of the song “Don’t Stop Believing,” just for fun. On one of the last days of class, they surprised me by singing the whole song in practically perfect English. I bawled my eyes out! Living in China was an amazing experience– climbing up mountains, taking train rides through the countryside covered in rice fields, exploring the majestic national park that inspired the movie Avatar– the whole experience was magical. But my favorite part, by far, was developing a mentor relationship with my students. I was so inspired by their work ethic, love for their families, and general good attitudes. In fact, even though I taught in China back in 2011, I still have my students keep in touch with me. Genuinely one of the most rewarding experiences of my life.

Teaching is easy because VIPKID has plenty of teaching resources.

One of the biggest complaints I hear from teachers is how much time they spend preparing for class– almost always uncompensated. With VIPKID, you’ll have all of your classes and materials designed for you in advance. VIPKID also communicates with the parents of students and handles any other administrative tasks that you might face in a traditional classroom. VIPKID also has its own blog and a Facebook group FULL of teachers if you feel like you simply want more resources or to otherwise feel connected.

VIPKID offers awesome incentives. 

VIPKID offers incentives like prizes, cash, and trips to Beijing! It’s really not hard to see why Forbes rated VIPKID a top 5 work from home company.

Here is how to get started: 

  1. Access the VIPKID website here.
  2. Fill out the written application.
  3. Follow the prompt for to do the “demo class.” You’ll watch a quick sample video and then repeat it. You can record it as many times as you want!
  4. Follow the prompt for the mock class.

That’s it! You’ll fill out more paperwork later down the road. Applying is probably the hardest part of this easy work from home job. 🙂 Please reach out with any questions you have– so happy to help you get started!

If you have been trying to find a way to work from home, VIPKID is one of the best work from home options out there. It allows you to work from home, is flexible, fun, and allows you to make a difference in someone else’s lives. How many jobs can you say that about??

Are you looking for ways to work from home? Are you a teacher with VIPKID? I’d love to hear about your experiences, comment below!

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work from home

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