Does anyone else feel like the holidays just whizzed by this year? I have not even begun to process that Halloween is over, let alone Christmas. Since it is almost New Year’s, I’ve been thinking a lot about my goals for this year. Our family likes to come up with a theme that we focus on for the year. For example, last year, our theme was “quality and outdoors.” We tried to focus on improving quality– the kind of quality employees/employers we are, the quality of spouses we are to each other, the quality of friends, siblings, parents, children we are, that kind of thing. For the outdoor side we focused on spending as much time as possible camping and hiking and boating and biking and focusing on nature.

This year, our theme is “healthy and wealthy.” We plan to focus on being healthier (we eat a truly astonishing amount of candy and severely lack vegetables). We plan to create a wealthier life. For us, that will include not only increasing income (and naturally eliminating debt), but finding ways to achieve non-financial wealth, such as increasing our wealth of knowledge. To kick off our New Year’s theme, we are hosting a FREE 30 day finance and fitness challenge. We will have easy daily and weekly tasks, and by the end of the challenge you will have saved a little cash, increased your physical fitness, and have the tools to help you keep up on your goals throughout 2017.

The challenge starts on Sunday. Hurry and sign up here! (****update – even though the live challenge has passed, you can still download the challenge by subscribing via this link. Simply enter your e-mail address, confirm, and you’ll receive the challenge (with all the details) in your inbox.

The 30 Day Challenge is organized into four weeks of tasks and challenges that will help you get yourself out of debt and out of poor fitness habits. In addition to helping you get out of debt, Phased is designed to help you identify and crush your fitness goals. This FREE e-book includes four weeks of workouts, a nutrition guide, a personal finance guide, and a discussion of the principles behind the success of your physical and financial fitness. It can help anyone, regardless of age or income. After you have “Phased” you will:

  1. Have found ways to increase (or live within) your income
  2. Have a clear and defined, easy to follow budget
  3. Be well equipped to practice self control in your finances and fitness
  4. Be well on your way to the best financial and physical fitness of your life.

So what are you waiting for? It’s FREE! Grab a partner and do the 30 Day Challenge together! 

Want to take your finances and fitness EVEN FURTHER? See “Phased“– our ten week program that will kick your fitness and finances into even better shape! In addition to the above, you will learn:

  1. How to create clear and defined fitness and financial goals
  2. The principals behind your physical and financial success
  3. Ten weeks of workouts
  4. A detailed financial guide
  5. A detailed nutrition guide
  6. Even more tasks to help you on your way to being the best version of yourself, physically and financially.



Health and Wealth Challenge

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