Have you ever spent an entire afternoon shopping, only to leave the store empty handed? I have. And it’s SO frustrating. I took my 4-year-old shopping for clothes a few weeks ago. For someone who is so cute and tiny, he sure has a lot of big opinions about what he wears. Also, he is tall and skinny and tends to grow out of his clothes and shoes FAST. After trying on tons of clothes at the mall, we left practically empty handed and wasted a few hours. I felt frustrated and defeated. Why are kids clothes SO expensive? Wellll it turns out they don’t have to be. And also, you don’t have to spend anymore afternoons shopping, thanks to Kids on 45th. Here’s my honest Kids on 45th review, plus a Kids on 45th promo code.


Kids on 45th is like the Stitch Fix of gently used kids clothing. You go to their website and create a style profile– basically telling them about your kid’s size and style. Then, you pick out what you need (for example, 2 long sleeved shirts, a swim suit, 3 pairs of shorts, etc, whatever you need). Their stylists go out and shop for you and deliver the goods right to your doorstep. No subscription required. They have tons of good sales. I just logged in to see what sales were available today and they had tank tops for $0.99!

We ordered a box of stuff and had it on our door step within 5 days, which impressed me. My son was really excited to open up his box of goodies and loved trying everything on. There were a couple of items we didn’t love in our first box that didn’t fit my son very well or just weren’t really our style. I contacted Kids on 45th to see if there was any chance I could exchange them for other items, and I was completely blown away by their return policy. They told me I could donate the items I didn’t love and they would credit my account so that I could get new items! In other words, I didn’t have to bother with boxing up the items, standing in line at the post office, and shipping them back. They asked me to elaborate my style profile and they sent me new items based on that profile. I was so impressed with what they sent the second time around, and I really learned how important fine tuning my son’s style profile.

I had pretty low expectations for our delivery since I knew the clothes were “gently used” and in my past experience, when kids clothes are used, I mean they are used. Like worn out. That was not at all the case. I’m happy to report in this Kids on 45th review, the clothes were all great quality and some even still had the original tags on!

When you are selecting what you want, you are able to see the individual prices of the items you are buying (for example, that a t-shirt costs $1.99 or a pair of pants costs $2.99) which I really liked. I got 3 swimsuits, 7 pairs of shorts, a tank top, a pair of pants, a nice button up shirt, and 4 t-shirts for less than $40.

What I loved:

  • the price! Saving money is obviously hugely important to us since we’re on a debt free journey 
  • the quality
  • the fact that I didn’t have to go shopping
  • being able to build my own box so I knew exactly what we were getting
  • that it was NOT a subscription
  • the fact that the clothes are used

What I didn’t love:

  • not knowing whether the clothes would actually fit my son before we got them
  • having to wait for the items to ship
  • some of the items we received didn’t fit our style profile

Honestly, for how much bang you get for your buck, it far outweighs any of the things I didn’t love. Not to mention the fact that they have the most generous return policy. If the clothes don’t fit or you otherwise don’t like them, they’ll credit your account and you can just donate those items. It’s literally zero risk.

Their clothes are already insanely cheap, but they also hooked me up with a $10 promo code for you to use.


Kids on 45th is everything I’ve ever wanted when it comes to kids clothes. I didn’t have to go to any stuffy stores. I didn’t have to stand in lines with my 4 year old pulling things off of shelves and asking for things or complaining. I didn’t have to waste HOURS on over priced clothes that he’ll just quickly grow out of. Rather, I simply picked out the things I needed, they did the shopping for me, and the items were shipped to my door within days. All for far cheaper than I could have found on my own. It’s a win win! Grab $10 off here! 

Have you tried Kids on 45th? What did you think? 

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kids on 45th review

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