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One of the most popular questions in my inbox is “what things do you do to save money?” I’ve spent the last few weeks answering that question with my new guide, Deeply in Debt’s Money Saving Resources!

This PDF is packed full of my FAVORITE money saving resources. I was picky about what I included in the list– these really are my favorite websites and apps that I use almost on a daily basis to help us in our journey paying off $650k of student loan debt. To give you a frame of reference for how much money I’m saving with these resources, from just ONE of the apps on my list, I’ve saved/earned over $1000 this year! All of the apps and websites I’ve included are completely free to use. But clicking on the link below is just the first step. You have to actually use these resources to make them work for you! Sometimes we busy ourselves so much with the “how to’s” (like “how to” save money) that we forget to actually DO. So, DO click on the link below, and DO start using each of the free apps and websites I’m recommending.

Let me help you save some serious money. Grab the FREE Money Saving Resources PDF by entering your e-mail here. The PDF will pop into your inbox within a few minutes. 

money saving resources


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