Danny has officially accepted an offer with a dentists’ group in ….Tulsa, Oklahoma!

I feel much like CHANDLER ON FRIENDS.

We really are excited at this opportunity. It really was an offer we couldn’t refuse. The cost of living in Tulsa is cheap. The people of Tulsa are great. Another bonus, the people of Tulsa tend to go to the dentist. It will be an amazing place to ditch all of our DEBT.

We can’t wait to to be near family and old friends (I grew up near Tulsa) but are sad to say goodbye to other family and friends. And also sad that we’re not moving to the beach. I guess you could say we are having a lot of mixed feelings over it.

Anyway, I haven’t found a job yet so if you need an attorney in the Tulsa area, I’m your girl.

Have you been to Tulsa? Any advice for living in the Midwest?

It’s also time for our April Debt Update. Here are my student loan debt numbers. We’re pretty much at a stand still while we are putting an offer on a house in Tulsa:

Credit card debt: $0. I have never had lingering credit card debt. I use a credit card that I pay off in full every Sunday night.

Undergraduate loans: $0. I originally had about $3500 of undergraduate student loans that I took out my very last semester of school. I was SUPER fortunate to be able to pay my way through my undergraduate degree.

Car loans: $0.

Law school summer loan: $0. I took out a loan to live off of during my first summer of law school since I did two unpaid internships.

Law school loan 1: $5370 (6.8% interest rate)

Law school loan 2: $12,292.75 (6.21% interest rate)

Law school loan 3: $13,619.46 (5.41%)

My total current debt: $32,282. 

I feel like paying off my law school loans is like a nice warm up for getting ready to pay off Danny’s $600k of student loan debt, ha. So there you have it! I chose an untraditional path to paying off my debt. I paid off law school summer loan first because it hadn’t started accruing interest yet and was only $1000, so I thought that would help motivate me to get started chipping away at my debt. It worked. But from that point forward, I prioritized my bigger balances of debt that earned the highest interest rates (basically my student loans). It is definitely the beginning of a very long journey. I try to stay motivated by thinking of the day all this debt will be gone!

Are you paying off debt? Do you have student loan debt? What method will you use to repay? I’d love to hear from you! 

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  1. Your debt busting blurbs inspired us to pinch pennies a lil tighter and…. I'm ready to shout that we're debt free, as of Friday! Well, minus a mortgage. We didn't have student loans or anything outrageous, but it feels great! There's light at the end of the tunnel. Keep going 🙂

  2. Hey Sandy! I actually grew up near Tulsa. It is a wonderful area! I'm sure your sister loves it. The people there are SO nice. I do a lot of contract law and some criminal defense 🙂

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