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It’s that time of the month again! Not like, *that* time of the month, but the time of the month for 10 Things! Just 10 Things on my mind, some personal finance related, and some not. I cannot promise that any of these will be deeply insightful.

(1) I’ve only sent out Christmas cards once, and it was because there was a company that let us do 30 prints for free, all we had to pay was postage. I always have good intentions of sending Christmas cards because I LOVE receiving them, but I’m such a slacker when it comes to getting them put together!

(2) This year I’ve been focusing really hard on using my time wisely. In addition to this blog, I work full time as a public service attorney and I also run the website the Contracts Counselor (among a ton of other small side hustles). I try to be there for M when I’m home, so I *try* not to work when I’m with him, and that’s taught me a lot about being efficient. Generally, efficiency has been on my mind a ton and I’m always looking for ways to do things in a smarter way. I guess the older I get the more I realize you are only given so much time in life… so what a terrible thing to waste it doing garbage things you know? Also, kind of unrelated but because I’ve been reviewing so many contracts lately, I have literally been DREAMING about them. I know I know, you are super jealous of my life. 😉

(3) We’re relaunching our product, Phased. That’s our program we designed that whips both your physical fitness and finances into shape, since many of the same principles apply to both finances and fitness. I can’t wait to share it with you! It has new work outs, a new layout, and some cheap and awesome healthy recipes. And the personal finance side of it is so goooood. I am literally giddy over it!! We’ll do a giveaway soon and I’m hoping a Black Friday sale if I can finish up in time. If not… I’ll do another special sale, for sure. Keep your eyes out on our Instagram next week!

(4) My mom has a really cool homemade Christmas advent calendar. I’ve always wanted one and I’ve seen some really cute ones. What I really want is a super cute, classic looking homemade one that my kiddos can enjoy for the years to come. So, if you’ve seen any homemade ones that you love on Pinterest or wherever, please send them my way!!

(5) It snowed on Monday! I had no idea it was going to snow and it felt super weird since last week it was warm and sunny enough that I got sunburned in a tank top. Oklahoma is a crazy place to live haha. There’s a popular Will Rogers quote that people use around here, “if you don’t like the weather in Oklahoma, just wait a minute. It’ll change.” It is SO TRUE.

(6) We’ve almost saved up enough to buy a dental practice and I’m SO EXCITED to resume our aggressive student loan payments. It’s been a long six months!! Making aggressive payments on our debt has been so energizing and helps me feel like we are actually making progress on that fat $650k! Now, if you have a dental practice that you’d like to sell to me… shoot me a message, ha.

(7) I sent out a survey to our newsletter subscribers this week to get a feel for what content is useful and what kinds of personal finance things most of the Deeply in Debt community is struggling with and I UGLY CRIED while reading some of the responses because (1) I’m a whimp and (2) I was so touched by your personal finance stories and struggles. We really are all in this together and I love having this community to share in the struggle with. (P.S. if you haven’t taken the survey, it would help me out so much if you could! It’s just a few quick questions so that I can learn what content on Deeply in Debt is helpful and what is not! Take the survey here.

(8) I am currently 100% obsessed with the movie Mama Mia 2. Like I cannot get enough of the soundtrack and I am just obsessed with every scene in the movie and I legitimately have crushes on Lily James, Meryl Streep, Pierce Brosnon, and Cher. And also I have a crush on Greece. Why haven’t I been? We play the soundtrack enough that M basically is singing Abba songs everywhere we go which usually either gets us funny looks or nods of admiration haha. Have you seen it? What did you think? Definitely the feel good movie of the year for me.

(9) I took a creative writing class in college and I remember my professor trying to get us to write something every single day, even when we didn’t feel like writing. She would say write until you feel like writing. For some reason that has been in my head this week and I think it applies to a lot of different situations, like working out for example. Just doing something that you’re “supposed” to do until you feel like doing it I think can help a lot when you are feeling totally off your groove. I guess Nike says it more succinctly. Just do it!

(10) I am making a chocolate haupia pie for Thanksgiving next week and I am SO EXCITED ABOUT IT. Sometimes it’s hard for me to get excited about Thanksgiving. Not because I’m not a thankful person. I think it’s great that we take a full day to just be thankful which I mean we should be doing everyday, but what I don’t like is feeling stuck indoors all day and feeling lethargic and gross from over eating (Danny would completely disagree with everything I’m saying here, that’s basically like his dream day). Anyway, the prospect of chocolate haupia pie has made me infinitely more excited about the day. When I was in college in Hawaii, I would grab chocolate haupia pie at Ted’s Bakery on the north shore like once a week minimum. It just brings back those happy feelings. I don’t know why I’ve never thought about making it on Thanksgiving before!

Well those are my ten thoughts for the month! What about you? What’s been on your mind? Comment below!

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