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Have you ever felt completely buried, overwhelmed, and/or isolated by debt? I know I have. When I first started trying to tackle our whopping $650,000 of student loan debt, I had no idea where to turn. It felt like there were so many conflicting voices telling me what to do and it also felt like my husband and I were the only ones actively trying to pay off a six-figure balance of student loan debt. Fortunately for us, we were able to come up with a fail proof system to pay off our debt quickly. We also realized that we weren’t alone– not at all. We started connecting with more and more people who were paying off debt and that connection fueled us with motivation and accountability to keep going. 

The system we used involved debt tracking, crunching numbers repeatedly and discovering new ways to save on our debt, and staying motivating and accountable through sharing our debt free journey. We rolled these three concepts into our FREE app, the Paidback app, which we designed to help you pay off debt fast by making debt payoff easy peasy.

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the paidback app

Debt tracking.

The Paidback app helps you pay back debt fast and easy. It allows you to track all of your debt in one easy to see place. Simply enter in each of your debt accounts or allow the app to automatically do it for you.

Debt payoff calculators. 

the paidback app's debt payoff calculators

In addition to tracking all of your debt in one place, Paidback offers multiple debt payoff calculators to help you find ways to save money and pay off debt as fast as possible. Our calculators come equipped with easy to read charts and graphs that will make understanding your debt situation a breeze.


Paidback helps you stay accountable which will help you stay on track paying off debt. You can connect with friends, family, or new people within the app to help keep you accountable. You’ll be able to encourage each other by liking and commenting as you pay off debt.

Not into being social? You can simply keep your account private.

Motivational tools. 

Paying off debt can feel anti-climatic. But not with us! Any time you make a debt payment, reach a debt payoff milestone, or completely pay off debt, we’ll congratulate you. If your account is set to public, other people who are paying off debt will be there to cheer you on as well.

congrats on the paidback app

Exclusive access to debt payoff tools. 

You’ll also gain exclusive access to discounts, information, products, and services that will help you pay off debt even faster. 


The Paidback app is designed for anyone with debt who is seeking debt freedom. We’ll help you pay off debt faster than you could have imagined. Credit card debt? Student loan debt? Mortgage? Car debt? We are here for you. We’ll help you get it figured out– easy. 


     “I love keeping track of my debt all in one visually appealing place.” 

     “The community! I love the community! It is so nice knowing you aren’t alone on your journey.”

     “The debt payoff calculators helped me understand my debt better and how fast I could pay it off.”

     “Paidback simplifies debt and is really user friendly.”

     “I love being able to cheer other people on (and vice versa).”

Ready to get rid of your debt once and for all?

Paying off debt doesn’t have to be overwhelming and complicated. It really can be easy and dare we say it… even fun! Yes, Paidback makes something as terrible as paying off debt FUN. We’ll take the stress out of your debt. We’ll help you pay it off fast. We’ll save you a ton of money. We’re here for you. Oh and did I mention the Paidback app’s basic version is completely FREE?

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