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Phased is organized into 5 simple, easy to follow phases that will help you get yourself out of debt and out of poor fitness habits. In addition to helping you get out of debt, Phased is designed to help you identify and crush your fitness goals. This is done over the course of a ten week program. This e-book includes ten weeks of workouts, a nutrition guide, a personal finance guide, and a discussion of the principles behind the success of your physical and financial fitness. It can help anyone, regardless of age or income. After you have “phased” you will:

  1. Have clear and defined fitness and financial goals
  2. Have found ways to increase your income
  3. Have a clear and defined, easy to follow budget
  4. Be well equipped to practice self control
  5. Be well on your way to the best physical fitness of your life.

So what are you waiting for?

1 review for Phased

  1. Sara

    Phased made me rethink the way I see my finances. The workouts were hard but GOOD.

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