If you’re new around here, each month I share 10 things that have been on my mind over the month, some personal finance related and some not. Here are the past couple of months if you want to get caught up: August’s 10 things, July’s 10 Things, and June’s 10 Things.

Here we go.

(1) Danny’s birthday. We celebrated Danny’s birth this month. Can’t even express how glad I am that he was born. He celebrates birthdays like Ron Swanson– as quiet as possible with as much steak as possible. So we went to Texas Road house and I didn’t even make the waitress sing to him. That’s as good as a birthday can get for this guy. 😉

(2) I’ve been on modified bed rest and going crazy. A lot of you sweet friends have noticed that my Instagram stories have largely come from the comfort of my couch this last month. I promise I’m not just being lazy. I’ve been on bed rest or modified bed rest for a bit and it is literally the worst. Things like this help me remember that your health is literally everything. I’ll share more details on what’s going on later, but just wanted to say thanks for reaching out/noticing. <3 It means more than you know!

(3) We’ve started taking M mountain biking. M’s had some of his first experiences mountain biking this month and it’s been so fun to watch him get better and better! He’s learned that when you fall, you get back up– great life lesson for all of us.

(4) We’re creating an app. We’re in the process of creating an app that’s going to help you crush debt and it’s everything. I CAN’T WAIT.

(5) Kids on 45th. We got a box from Kids on 45th recently and it has been a total game changer in how I shop for kids now! It’s basically super cheap gently used kids clothes so you don’t have to meander around thrift stores to find cute stuff– it just come right to your door step. Read more in my Kids on 45th Review here.

(6) M joined a baseball team and it’s ridiculously cute. M started baseball this month and I die at every practice and game. Is there anything cuter than a bunch of 4-year-olds holding their tiny gloves and bats?? I’m pretty sure I embarrass him with all of my cheering haha. It’s just too cute to handle.

(7) M’s Preschool. Speaking of M, he has been killing it in preschool! He’s gone to a nanny or to day care on and off his whole life since I’ve had to work. Moving to AZ has been the first time he’s gotten to stay home with me (even though I’m still working a bit from home). I was pretty sad when he had to start preschool, just knowing how reluctant he’s been to go in the past but he is thriving! It’s just 3 times a week for a couple of hours which has been perfect for both of us.

(8) Look into Student Loan Planner. A lot of you who graduated college or graduate school recently will be coming out of your grace period this month or in the next couple of months. That can be a scary time as you are hustling and trying to figure out what to do with your pesky student loans. Getting a consult from the Student Loan Planner was honestly one of the best things I’ve done for my finances. It helped us come up with a customized plan based on our family size, income, and student loan debt among other things. It’s definitely worth looking into whether it’s right for you in my Student Loan Planner Review.

(9) We saw Mason Jennings in concert again. There are few people I will pay money to see in concert, but I’ve seen Mason thrice. His concerts feel like therapy to me. They’re just so cathartic! Plus he always plays at small, accessible (i.e. inexpensive) venues so it’s not only affordable, but you get to be SO close to the action. If you have the chance to see him in person, do it (things like this made my list of things it’s OK to splurge on when you’re in debt).

(10) We recently re-refinanced our student loans. This is our 3rd time refinancing and we’ll keep refinancing for as long as companies will keep offering us lower rates. You’ve probably heard but rates are super low at the moment, so if you’ve been on the fence about refinancing, now is a good time to check and see what rates are available to you. We’ve personally used SoFi, CommonBond, and Laurel Road and highly recommend any of the three– choose whoever is offering you the lowest rate!

How was your September? Drop a comment or send me a DM, I’d love to hear from ya. 

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