side hustle ideas


side hustle ideas

We loved GET RICH QUICK-ISH’s list of side hustles that he has done in his life so much that we made our own, since we have both had some pretty rad jobs over the years. In no particular order, here are 30 ways we have made money: (We’ll leave you to guess who did what). Just to be clear, these are literally jobs that we have had in the past. Hopefully you’ll be able to glean some ideas for your own side hustles. 🙂

  1. Car Washer. On two separate occasions in my life and at two separate businesses, I have been a car washer. One of those jobs paid more than I made as pharmacy technician. Which brings me to my next point,
  2. Pharmacy Technician. I literally counted pills for a living. My bffs in high school also worked there so it was more like giggling in a pharmacy box for 8 hours a day.
  3. Dish Washer. The best of the best. My parents did a brief stint selling Saladmaster dishware and would pay me to tag a long in high school to wash their dishes while they worked. I still despise washing Saladmaster. Why the heck do they make those things so dang hard to clean?
  4. Hamburger Flipper. And shake maker. And bus boy. Got paid to take shots of ice cream.
  5. Cashier At the ripe age of 14 I started working as a cashier in a pharmacy.
  6. Life guard. All through my summers in high school and college I worked at our tiny neighborhood pool. Since there were rarely people there, many days were spent laying out with my friends in the kiddie pool, watching movies and eating pizza in the lifeguard room, and launching water balloons over the pool fence. I’m a much better employee these days. But I still say this is the best job I’ve had.
  7. Luau waitress. I was the only blonde haired, blue eyed ambassador server (at the time) at the Polynesian Cultural Center
  8. Swim instructor. Most real swimmers I talk to are horrified that I taught swim lessons since I’ve never been on a swim team. I took the class needed to become a swim instructor. So I learned to swim so I could teach it. Good thing my clients were all like under 5. I can think of one who could swim better than me.
  9. Photographer. Currently doing this as a side hustle. Wish we could afford to do this full time. Hit us up if you need photos taken! Family, engagements, wedding, etc etc
  10. Sandwich Seller. I have a new passionate disregard for specific deli meats. And the smell of sandwich shops, generally.
  11. This blog. That’s right! earns us extra cash every month from the moment we started writing last year. You can start your own blog with our FREE tutorial HERE.)
  12. Pool Boy.
  13. Teaching Assistant. 
  14. Academic mentor. Got paid to help other law students not have mental break downs in law school. Very gratifying actually.
  15. Lawyer.
  16. Bailiff. I (Amber) went to 6 weeks of police training. Jealous. I’m still traumatized.
  17. Project manager. As a college student, I got paid to go around to different organizations at our university and point out what they were doing wrong. Nothing like earning money for fault finding! Its Stanley from the Office’s dream job come true.
  18. Research Assistant in Uganda. Traveled around Uganda interviewing a pygmy tribe (the Batwa) regarding their experience getting kicked off of their land by the government to create a national forest.
  19. English Teacher in China. Taught ages k-12 and loved every second. Didn’t speak a lick of Chinese at the time. Still ill from 80% of the things we ate there.
  20. Dentist. Finally.
  21. Babysitter. 
  22. Extreme Couponer. Maybe this doesn’t count as a job, but its certainly a side hustle. We started couponing when we lived in Miami since groceries were KILLING our budget. We have slashed our grocery costs in half by couponing.
  23. After school Counselor. I got paid to play games, go to the beach, eat snacks, and talk to kids about their problems.
  24. Telemarketer
  25. Refrigerator Stock-er. 7 hours a day of putting stuff on shelves in a frigid room with a bff.
  26. Gym Membership sales person. For about 30 days I sold gym memberships until I realized that I wanted to punch almost every guy that worked there in the face. At least I got a free gym membership! Worth it.
  27. Door to door sales (Don’t judge us. Also, don’t buy anything at your door, ever.) Probably 30% of the law suits I see in the district court I work in result from door to door sales since there are some prevalent companies that base out of Utah. We quit this job early because the sales tactics were so horrifying to us. So I say don’t judge us, but I guess I’m judging other people for doing it. What can I say, its my dream to be a judge.
  28. Mystery shopper. One of my favorite side hustles! We get paid to have our oil changed, go out to eat, etc etc. More details HERE if you are interested in getting started.
  29. Survey Taker. This will likely take its own post sometime. I’ll share my favorite companies to do surveys for.
  30. Janitor. Got paid to clean the gym after college basketball games. I lasted a solid 2 weeks.

There are obviously no shortage of ways you can make money. But, it might involve doing something you wouldn’t have expected or otherwise getting out of your comfort zone.

What jobs have YOU had? I’d love to hear from you.

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side hustle ideas

3 thoughts on “30 SIDE HUSTLE IDEAS

  1. Hey, thanks for the link!! You two have some very cool hustles on your resumes! Why didn’t blogger make your list?

    After jobs 1 & 2 I was beginning to wonder if your your real names are Walt & Skylar? Thankfully high school chemistry teacher didn’t make your list.

    1. Hahaha. Thankfully for a myriad of reasons, not. And blogger will make the list when we start making money from it, ha!

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