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This summer, Danny and I went to the lake for Danny’s family reunion. Danny grew up boating and I’ve been with Danny for a decade, ipso facto, we’re boaters. Who are too poor to own a boat. I’m fairly custom to boating in warm lakes and or oceans. I’ve never had to use a wet suit. This summer, however, we went to a lake that was FREEZING– a wet suit was not optional. When it was my turn to wake board, I threw my wet suit on. I put my feet in the wake board’s bindings, and as soon as Danny’s dad started idling the boat, I jumped in the frigid water. I tried lining up my board with the rope to get in gear and begin wake boarding. But something was wrong. I was SINKING.

In my tizzy to put on a wet suit, I had completely forgotten to put on my life jacket! As soon as I realized the mistake, I called out to everyone in the boat as best as I could (I’m STRUGGLING to keep my head above water- the board was heavy and the boat was moving) and I mustered out “LIFE JACKET!!! I DON’T HAVE A LIFE JACKET!!” Certain I was going to die 😉 Danny’s mom, who is otherwise a calm and collected person, started running up and down the boat shouting “She doesn’t have a life jacket!” Danny’s dad joined in. “She doesn’t have a life jacket!” I heard Danny say, “toss her the life jacket.” Danny’s mom chucked my life jacket over the side of the boat. I would have had to swim about 15 yards to get it… which wasn’t going to happen given the fact that the boat was still moving. While my parents in law were wigging out, Danny calmly told my father in law to turn the boat off as he was reeling me back into the boat by the rope I was holding.

Drowning in student loan debt can feel a lot like literally drowning. It can feel like the end of your life. Well meaning people, such as my parents in law, might run around you like chickens with their heads cut off, further contributing to your panic. But like Danny who calmly pulled me safely back to the boat, I’m here to pull you safely back in. I have been working hard over the last few years to put together all of the best student loan debt resources to provide you with true and helpful information in my brand new FREE student loan resources guide. It’s completely free. I genuinely just want you to have the right tools that you need to make the best decisions for you, because I know how crippling student loan debt can feel! (After all, we have $650k of it, ha. If you haven’t read about how we managed to come out with over half a million bucks in debt, you can read about that here).

When I graduated, I felt so lost and alone and was so overwhelmed by all of the conflicting advice out there. This guide puts together my favorite student loan debt resources to help you figure out you best options dealing with your student loan debt. It will save you so much time, effort, and will end the feelings of panic. You got this!


student loan debt resources

If you’d like even more student loan debt resources, I have a “Student Loans Simplified” series here at Deeply in Debt and tons of tools under our “Debt Help” page that you can access here.

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