Feeling overwhelmed by student loan debt? That’s exactly how I felt when I graduated from law school. I will never forget the first time I logged into my student loan debt account and saw how much interest accrued while I was in school. I didn’t sleep a wink that night. I didn’t have the first clue how to pay off my loans and was so overwhelmed by all of the repayment options that I felt completely paralyzed. Despite the fact that I was smart enough to graduate from law school, I felt like a huge idiot for not knowing what to do with my loans. All this to say, if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you certainly aren’t alone. And you are in the right place. 

I’ve spent the last several years researching all of the repayment methods and using the best practices to pay off more than $350,000 and I can’t wait to share them with you. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through this alone. I’ve been there and I’m going to tell you exactly what you should do. 

(1) The Best Student Loan Resources.

First, if you haven’t received a copy of our Ultimate List of Student Loan Resources, that is a very good starting place. It’s a guide that is jam packed with all of our favorite student loan websites, calculators, quizzes, and other tools to help you decide how to navigate your student loans. If you’ve been stressing about student loans, this is definitely the list for you.

student loan resources

(2) The Student Loan Planner

Next, if you have either (1) six figures of student loan debt OR (2) you have twice as much student loan debt as you have annual income (ex: earn $40k a year, have $80k in student loans), I highly recommend getting a consult with one of the CFA’s at the Student Loan Planner to help you put together a solid plan for your student loans. Check out the Student Loan Planner here.  

(3) Student loan blog posts.

Here are some of our most popular student loan debt blog posts to help you navigate your debt. 


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