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I never thought I’d live to see the day where I had a Costco membership– I just assumed it wouldn’t be worth it for my small family. On top of that, I found Costco to be completely overwhelming. It’s kind of like being at Disneyland. 100% overstimulating and I usually leave feeling like I need to go sit in silence in a dark room by myself despite how many people tell me how magical it is. It turns out, there are definitely things you should buy at Costco. And! Update! I am now in the group that loves Costco! (But still get overstimulated). 

There are a few supplies my husband routinely needs for his office and so we decided to try it out for a bit (P.S. Did you know their memberships are 100% refundable at any point if you decide you’re unhappy with your membership?)

Before we got our membership I was 100% confident that a Costco membership was not going to be worth it for us. I tend to like to buy things locally if I can and I don’t like having a lot of clutter (like too many things in the fridge or pantry at once) so literally the opposite of Costco. But, since we’re on a journey paying off $650k of student loan debt, I’ve been exploring any option I can to save money. After doing a bit of research, the membership is totally worth it for us (especially since we already needed it for Danny’s business). There are definitely things you should purchase at Costco (and things you should not, but that’s another post). It didn’t take long for me to realize just how magical a Costco membership is.



Milk makes the list of things you should buy at Costco because it’s cheaper at Costco than any other retailer I’ve seen–including Aldi! Plus, coupons on milk are hard to come by, so you are almost certainly going to save the most money by buying it from Costco. You do have to buy 2 gallons at a time, so if you have a small family or don’t consume a lot of milk, be sure to freeze one of the gallons when you get home. Thaw it by letting it sit in the fridge for about 12 hours and you’ll never be able to tell that it was once frozen. (Be sure to shake it up before you open).


You should buy cheese at Costco, and in all its varieties– sliced, shredded, and string cheese are generally all cheaper at Costco than regular grocery stores.


Another thing you should buy at Costco is butter! For many of the same reasons as cheese and milk. It’s cheap, it can be frozen and used later, and coupons for butter are hard to come by, making Costco’s price one of the best you’ll find anywhere.


Vanilla extract is on the list of things you should buy at Costco because it’s $26.99 for 16 oz which is one of the best deals you can find on vanilla. Vanilla is another product that is rarely on sale anywhere and rarely has coupons. Plus, Costco’s Kirkland brand SO good, and I am picky about vanilla.


The rotisserie chicken at Costco is only $4.99. That is a steal at almost half of what it costs at other grocers! 


Costco is best known for its ridiculously cheap and delicious food court. You can get a hot dog AND a fountain drink for only $1.50. Other honorable mentions are the most giant pizza slice in the universe for $1.99 and fountain drinks for $0.49. There are healthy options too, a few salads at $3.99.


I definitely do not recommend name brand diapers at Costco– those are much cheaper on Amazon and or at other grocers or supermarkets paired with coupons. But Kirkland brand diapers are GREAT (unlike a lot of generic brand diapers!) and so cheap.


Frozen fruit is another item you should buy at Costco. It’s cheap and you can store it for a long time!


Both over the counter AND prescription medicines are both generally cheaper at Costco than they are at drug stores. And that can really add up if your family is on a lot of prescription or OTC drugs!


Kirkland dog food costs a little more than half of what we were paying at Walmart, so if you aren’t married to your brand of dog food, it is definitely something you should buy at Costco.


If you are in to protein powder, you can get it on the cheaper at Costco than almost anywhere else (especially the only exception is for Black Friday deals on– that’s when you should really stock up, but otherwise, Costco it is!


You should buy name brand clothes at Costco only when they are going on sale when there aren’t a ton left in stock. That is when you’ll find the best deals that make it totally worth it.


Spinach is another thing you should buy at Costco. It’s about half the cost of the grocery store. The spinach won’t be worth it if it goes bad in your fridge, so make sure it’s an amount that you can your family can eat (or that you can split the cost with someone else).


I’m not a bacon person but the dudes in my life are, and apparently bacon at Costco is delicious, thick, and is also some of the cheapest you can find!


Gas is another item that you should buy at Costco. It’s generally about 12 cents cheaper there than anywhere else, but be sure to check for the cheapest gas prices nearby you! In my area, Costco is by far the cheapest.


Prescription glasses (and eye exams) are cheaper at Costco than almost anywhere else!


Maybe the cinnamon rolls aren’t a sound financial decision, but they are DELICIOUS and HAD to be mentioned in a list of things you should buy at Costco. 🙂

What are some of the best deals you’ve found at Costco? Comment below! 

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should buy at costco


  1. The canned organic tomatoes, sauce and paste are about half the price of Trader Joe’s.
    Oatmeal and Cheerios
    4 lbs of frozen mixed berries for $8.99. That’s only $2.24/lb for great fruit. I always have this in my freezer.
    Organic pancake syrup
    Raw almonds and walnuts
    Kirkland toilet paper
    Baking parchment paper. Seriously. 410 sq. ft. for $10, and it’s made in France. It lasts forever.
    I give it as Christmas gifts for the bakers in my family.
    Ice cream novelties (seems to be in the summer only.) It’s a big box of drumsticks, ice cream sandwiches and bars for about ten bucks. And they are not the reduced size you see everywhere else. I always buy them when the grandchildren come in the summer for their visit.
    Dill pickles
    Socks of any kind
    Pumpkin pie for the holidays. It was just six dollars this past season, and it’s a huge pie and very good! I couldn’t bake one that cheap.
    Also, their sheet cakes for birthday parties are priced way below other bakeries, and of course, they do the decorating.
    Printing photos. Great price.
    Costco hand soap. It’s a lot like Dove but way cheaper. Comes in a big pack but can’t recall exact bars of soap. It lasts a long time though for $10.
    That’s some of my regular stuff. I have a list of go-to products at Costco, so I am never overwhelmed nor distracted by all the goodies. (You have to be that way in Costo or you will spend $200 before you know it!)

    My Costco is less than half a mile from me too.

  2. What about GAS? I’ve found that, on a regular day, Costco gas is quite competitive, however, we try to play the numbers in Fry’s (Kroger) and add up all the points we can to get a good discount at their gas station. If we do things right, we typically get .60 / gallon off.

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