Want to make a cheap trolls costume? Here’s how.

Need a cheap and easy last minute Halloween costume? Ever since we started our journey paying off $650,000 of student loan debt, we’ve been on the hunt for literally any good deal we can find. When it comes to holidays, we’re frugal. I LOVE Halloween and there was no way I was going to let us miss out on this holiday just because we’re paying off debt.

M really wanted to be Branch from the movie Trolls for Halloween this year. Untl I finished making his costume, after which he informed me that he really wanted to be Spiderman. Womp womp. This trolls costume ended up being one of my favorite costumes because it was so cute and dirt cheap. Danny and I are going to be Bergens from the movie, so stay tuned for that tutorial. 🙂

Let me start by saying I am not a crafty person. I hate/can’t sew/sewing. I have no patience. And I hate spending money. So, this costume was PERFECT. I put it together in less than 10 minutes (excluding shopping time) and get this— it cost less than $2!!

What you’ll need for this trolls costume:
tulle (I bought 25 yards and only used about 1/3) for troll hair $0.66 ($1.97 for the whole roll)
head band $0.50
sheets of felt $0.23 (I already had the dark green felt on hand from last years Peter Pan costume— always save your scraps!)
face paint: $0.20– $1.99 for the pack (I used a tiny amount for his little nose and eyebrows. I’m estimating $0.20 but really have no idea)
vest (I used one we already had on deck that we bought a few years ago at a thrift store for $2
shorts – he wore a pair that he already had and loves

Total cost: $1.59 for the whole costume (subtracting for the fact that you can use the left over tulle and face paint for other/future costumes 😉

Directions: cut out leaves from green felt. I alternated big and small leaves. I used about 12 and wouldn’t have needed more than one 8×11 sheet of felt.
Sew or glue leaves on to vest.
Cut 12-14 20 inch strips of tulle. Loop onto head band. Using small amounts of glue, glue a few tulle strips together so they don’t fall down.
Cut ears out of felt. Hot or super glue ears onto bottom of the head band.

Paint on a nose and some eyebrows and you’ve got yourself a trolls costume! Happy cheap last minute Halloweening!

how to make a cheap halloween costume


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