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Looking for ways to earn money this summer? Summer is the perfect time to start earning some cash, whether it’s a little side cash or perhaps your looking to significantly increase your income, especially if you are currently a student (college or otherwise) or a teacher and have some time to kill this summer. When I was in college, I tried always tried to make as much money as I possibly could in the summer so that I wouldn’t have to work during the school year. Whatever your reasoning, here are some seriously great ways to earn money this summer. 



You can earn money this summer by applying to be an English teacher with VIPKid. You’ll video chat with students from China on a one-on-one basis, helping them hone in on their English skills. The curriculum is provided to you, and the average teacher earns $20 per hour, which is not bad for a job that you can do from your couch. You can get started with VIPKid here or if you want to learn a little more about it, you can read everything you need to know about VIPKid here.


Another one of the great ways you can earn money this summer is by decluttering your house and selling your stuff on Poshmark, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, and or Ebay. 

If you’ve never shopped or sold anything on Poshmark, let me start by saying you are missing out! You can find incredible deals on name brand items, plus you can make tons of money by selling stuff on Poshmark. Grab your first $10 on me by using my invite code AMBERLMASTERS when you register for an account– you can spend it on anything in the Poshmark app! 

You can also make money selling stuff on Amazon. 

Another option of course is to sell on Facebook marketplace. One of the main benefits of selling on Facebook marketplace is that you won’t have to ship your stuff. Do be careful and always meet up with buyers in public settings. 


In addition to selling your stuff, you can sell other people’s stuff to earn some extra cash. You can do this by finding good deals on clearance at your favorite stores, thrift store shopping, or buying things online and then reselling them on places like Ebay, Facebook marketplace, and of course, Poshmark. 


You can earn money this summer by taking surveys and performing online tasks with Swagbucks. When you join Swagbucks, you’ll be able to do simple tasks like watch ads online or take surveys and earn cash back or gift cards. My hubby and I like to hop on Swagbucks in the evenings when we’re unwinding and just watching TV. It’s a really simple way to earn a little extra cash. 


You can also earn money this summer for the shopping you are already doing by using Rakuten. Simply add their web extension to your browser (and or download the app) and you can earn free cash back on any of the shopping you’re already doing. The web extension (or app) will notify you when cash back is available for the website where you’re shopping. For example, I just went to “walmart.com’ and clicked on the browser extension. It had a button to “activate 10% cash back” meaning I would have earned 10% cash back on whatever I purchased on walmart.com. It’s like getting paid to shop. Since you already have to shop for things, you might as well get paid for it. It’s completely free to use so it’s a total no brainer. Sign up here and earn an extra $10 when you make your first purchase


If you are interested in passive income (i.e., money you make without doing much) you could consider renting out your place for all or part of the summer. I had some good friends (a married couple) who would routinely rent out their condo in Park City, Utah, on the weekends, and they would travel or go stay with family while their place was occupied. Because of their location, they were able to earn over $10,000 renting out their really nice condo one summer! Get started renting out your place with Airbnb here


Another one of my favorite ways you could earn money this summer is by starting a blog. While blogs can take a little time to start generating an income, you could get yours up and running in just a few minutes. You can schedule blog posts in advance so that you won’t have to work on it much the rest of the year. If you’ve been on the fence about whether to start a blog, the summer is a perfect time to get started. Right now you can get your blog going for only $3.95 per monthHaving a blog is one of my favorite ways to earn money because you can do it from anywhere and you can blog about literally anything! You might find that you enjoy it so much that you turn it into a full time gig. 🙂 You can learn more about how to get started blogging here

earn money this summer


There are a few web extensions and apps that you could be using to earn money this summer. I personally love and use Honey, Ibotta, and Fetch. 

Honey is very similar to Rakuten (see above), but with the added bonus that it will scour the internet for any promo codes that may apply to you and automatically apply them to your shopping cart when you do your online shopping. So you earn cash for shopping AND it helps you find the best deal. It’s the best thing ever. You just download their web extension and or their app and get to shopping. Couldn’t be easier! Earn $10 now by getting started here.

Ibotta is also very easy to use. You download the app and unlock rebates at stores you shop at. Simply scan your receipt after you purchase the product you have a rebate for and money is almost instantly deposited into your account. All of the major groceries stores (like Target, Walmart) have rebates available for use. But one of my favorite things has been getting cashback on Ibotta with Groupon. It just feels like getting double savings! Just like Rakuten, you can snag a free $5 just for signing up with this link.

Fetch works similar to Ibotta , but instead of unlocking rebates, you simply upload your receipt and it finds any applicable cash back offers automatically! Super easy and I love that you can double it up with Ibotta. Download the app here & earn $2-$4 for signing up with the code YUUG7 (when you upload your first receipt). 

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A seemingly obvious way to earn extra money is to temporarily take on a 2nd (or even a 3rd!) job in the evenings and or on weekends. You could do anything from waiting tables, working at a call center or at one of your favorite restaurants or grocery stores like Trader Joe’s or Whole Foods. The options here are really endless. When I have worked multiple jobs in the past, it’s really easy to get burned out quickly. Make sure you choose something that you don’t loathe entirely, and remember, it’s just for a short time (the summer!). 


Another way you can earn money this summer is by becoming a food delivery person with Postmates, Ubereats or Doordash. What makes this idea so awesome for the summer is that it is crazy flexible. Feel like working that day? Great! Go deliver some food. Feel like going to the lake that day? You don’t have to work. You’re really your own boss. If you have kids, they can come along for the ride with you (but stay in the car when you go to the door to deliver). You can listen to music, podcasts, and audio books as you drive. Pretty sweet gig. 


In addition to delivering food to people, you could also deliver people to where they need to go with Uber or Lyft. This makes a great summer job because you can choose how much or little you want to drive. So if you’re only available on the weekends, that’s when you work! Makes for a good summer when you can choose your schedule (because you know, if that beach vacation comes up with your friends, you can still go!) 


Walking dogs is a super easy way to earn money this summer. And with companies like Rover and Wag, you won’t have to search high and low for clients. Those are a good way to get started, but another way that might earn you even more money is to simply find neighbors and your own clients to walk their dogs. You can find clients by hanging up signs in your neighborhood or posting on your neighborhood’s facebook group if you have one. You could even start a blog or website about it to find clients! 


And if you aren’t really interested in delivering people or food, perhaps you’d be interested in delivering packages to people this summer. I suspect Amazon Delivery is going to keep growing and growing, so plenty of room for you to become a delivery person! Not a bad gig driving around delivering packages and listening to music and podcasts. Basically like being Santa. 


Another one of the ways you can earn money this summer is by becoming a house sitter. You could start by offering your services to close family and friends– offer to watch their place and or animals for pay while they’re on summer vacation. You could also hit up neighborhood Facebook groups or start your own website, Facebook, or Instagram to get your business off the ground. 

Summer is the perfect time to earn a little extra money. The days are longer and lighter and kids are out of school and college. Really, there are no shortage of ways you can earn money this summer. The options are as limitless as the ideas you could come up with. 

What things have you done to earn money in the summer?

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