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I don’t know about you, but gas prices for us have been wreaking havoc on our budget. We’ve been looking for (and incorporating) all of the ways we can save on gas and pay less at the pump to combat the sky rocketing prices. So if you are wondering how you can spend less money on gas and pay less at the pump, you are in the right place!

Drive less.

The first and most obvious among the ways to save on gas is to simply drive less. Avoid leisure drives for now, and do your best to car pool, take public transit, walk, or bike to the places that you need to go. Your budget will thank you in kind. 

Use cash back apps to save on gas. 

Another way to pay less at the pump is to make use of cash back apps. Yes that’s right, there are apps that will give you cash back for buying gas at certain gas stations. One of my favorites is Upside. It helps you locate the cheapest gas near you, then offers an additional cash back discount. You can earn up to $0.40 back per gallon with our affiliate link here

Use cash.

Using cash to pay for gas can typically save you $0.10-$0.15 per gallon. That might not sound like a lot, but those pennies can really add up over time. 

Use rewards credit card with more than 2% cashback.

Look for credit cards that over at least 2% cash back for gas. If they offer more than 2% cash back, it will typically save you more money on gas than paying with cash. 

Get a grocery store rewards card.

If you aren’t enrolled in your local grocery stores’ gas rewards programs, you could be missing out on some serious savings at the pump. 

Kiss premium gas goodbye to pay less at the pump. 

Unless your car actually *requires* (not just recommends) using premium gas, it’s better to go for the good ol’ regular stuff. You might see improved performance and efficiency with premium gas but the higher cost won’t be worth it. 

Consider a membership club. 

Another way to save on gas is to consider a membership club, like Costco or Sam’s Club. These stations typically boast 20% savings than other gas around town. 

Fill up on Monday or Friday to save on gas. 

Did you know gas prices are typically cheaper on Mondays and Fridays? Hence, a very easy way to save money on gas is to purchase your gas on Mondays or Fridays, so plan your week accordingly. 

Reduce use of AC or heater. 

Cutting back on how much you use your air conditioning and or heater can also help you to pay less at the pump! 

Drive better.

Driving patiently, i.e., not speeding, not rapidly accelerating or slamming on the brakes, can improve your highway gas mileage by 15-30% and your city mileage by up to 40%! Drive a little better and reap the rewards. 

Don’t top it off. 

Overfilling your gas tank can cost you! This can cause gas to enter the carbon filter. i.e., get in places it’s not supposed to be, and cause your car to run inefficiently and even damage your engine! 

Consolidate trips and pay less at the pump!

Rather than leaving your house multiple times a day/week to run errands, consider consolidating your trips. Doing this can save you gas and also save you time! 

Mind the weather for parking.

Parking in a garage when it’s cold out or in the shade when it’s hot can help you save on gas. 

Check your tire pressure.

Did you know that for every drop in 1 PSI, your gas mileage can lower by .4%? That can add up quickly, so always be sure to make sure your tire pressure is pumped up to what your manufacturer recommends! 

Use prepaid gift cards.

Some gas stations offer prepaid gift cards to help you save on gas. Since you can comfortably assume that you are going to need gas in the future, buying these for your month’s gas can help you save. 

Reduce your idle time with the 10 second rule. 

Follow the 10 second rule when it comes to idling. If you are going to be idling for more than 10 seconds, it will save you more gas by cutting off your engine as opposed to leaving it running. 

Use cruise control.

A smart way to pay less at the pump is to make sure you take advantage of cruise control for highway driving where you can. This can also help you avoid getting a speeding ticket– double savings!

Don’t use cruise control. 

Notwithstanding the above, don’t use cruise control if the highway you’re on is hilly. That can actually cost you more money in gas! Cruise control is for long, flat stretches only. 

Save on gas by driving slower.

Driving slower can save you money in gas and also reduce your changes for a speeding ticket. Win Win!

Lighten your load. 

Taking heavy items out of your car when you don’t need them can save you on gas. It can be tempting to store things like strollers in your trunk, but as a general rule, the lighter your car, the more gas you’ll save. 

Check your gas cap.

Checking your gas cap to make sure it’s screwed on tight can improve your gas efficiency by 1-2%!

Use your manufacturers recommended oil to save on gas.

To maximize your gas savings, be sure you are using your car manufacturer’s recommended oil. 

Drive a fuel efficient car 

Last but not least on the list, is to do your best to drive a fuel efficient car. Electric cars will obviously save you the most on gas (ha) but these days, you can find cars that go much further on gas than they used to. Note that I’m not saying to go out and buy a Tesla to save on gas– but when the time comes that you need a different car, choose electric or fuel efficient to save. 

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